Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Worth 1,000 Words

T.J and I ate at La Provence for our anniversary. This was on the wall right beside us. I couldn't help but think of the book. Notice the faces in the window--one of an adult and child. I found it an odd coincidence. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed this picture at all if not within the framework of my reading. Makes you wonder what you don't notice each day.


Jana said...


That is so awesome! I wish I would have seen it in person. Great camera phone work.

Babsy said...

Wow! You took that with your camera phone?

It is amazing what impact books have on our perceptions. Can't wait until you get to Nickel and Dimed.

mimi said...

Random thoughts on the books:

I have read (or our book club has) several of the titles including (but not limited to because of my bad book memory) #3, #9(throw out!), #15, #17, #20, #25, #29, #33, #34 (liked a lot), #36(loved it), #52, #55 (most recent book club read), #60 (book club, did not read because it was mandatory reading for every freshman at UNC and from the review at our club I did some eye-rolling), #67, #82, #92, #96 & 97 (wouldn't read for anything). #57 I have not read but am very curious because it is mentioned several times in the book I am now reading. So I'll put it on my list.

That's all for now.

Mimi :)

Tiff said...

Beautiful painting!

BTW...Today, I asked for "The Road" or a book with "Liars" in the title at my little bookstore downtown... No dice! I will try our trusty library or Waldenbooks store. First I must finish this crazy Brown novel (Deception Point), which I highly recommend if you like his writing and government conspiracy.