Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I have loved Harry for a long time and have been reading since before book 3 and the mania started. With the release of every new volume, I would reread at least the preceding book if not all of the books and before the release of Deathly Hallows I reread all of the books. So you might ask, "Jan, which is your favorite?"
My Answer:
Without a doubt, it is Goblet of Fire. I love this one and it is the one I have probably read the most. I remember when it came out I reread it as soon as I finished it.

So my questions to you are...
Which is your favorite? Why?

p.s. As I alluded to in a previous post, Jen and I have discussed rereading the whole series since we have both only read book 7 once. We have decided to put that project on hold until we make a dent in these 100 books. Perhaps they will be books 101-107 :)


Jen said...

Are you going to go into why it is your favorite?

Details, please.

Leslie said...

Ok, so i know i'm late, but just wanted to say that The Road gave me my 1st nightmare last night :( Spooky.
To keep in task-my fave HP was the 1st one...only one that i saw all the way through. I know, gasp!

mimi said...

Is "The Road" a scarry book??? Jana, since you are my PBS (Personal Book Suggestor), what do you think- is it my kind of book???


Jana said...

Don't get excited Mumsie, this book is not the kind of scary you enjoy. There are no ghosts, aliens, or killer sharks. I would not recommend The Road for you. I would, however, like to request you read book #5 American Pastoral by Philip Roth. It is apparently about the 60's and I think we (speaking for Jen here) would be interested in your opinion since you may have some background knowledge of the times, even if it might be sketchy. If you start now you may be finished by the time we are :)


Jana said...


Look down! Are you looking? *waves Hi to Boo*

You now have 8 years to read Harry Potter. Go! Even though I have never met you, I refuse to let your cute little baby only know Harry as a movie star. The books are too good for you to cheat that sweet little mind.

So get to reading... The books are much, much, much better than The Road. I promise.

Pebbles said...

Well said.