Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Beloved Harry Potter Liars' Club

As you may or may not know, Jen and I were big readers before we undertook this project. That might explain why reading a list of 100 books seemed like a good idea to us :) What this means for the list though, is that we have read several of the books that are already listed. After discussing how to approach these titles we have come up with a plan...

The Plan
Part I
Books that we have both read we will skip rereading for the time being. We (one or both) of us will make a brief post about the title, giving a mini-review to allow for Part II of the plan.
Part II
We invite you to read the book and post a review in the comments section. Let us know what you think. Make us want to reread the book :)
Part III
We each still get to skip 5 titles on the list. I hope you hear me Charles Frazier because I am skipping you!

So with that stated, Jen and I have started The Liars' Club. Harry don't fear I have a feeling we might be revisiting you soon.

Also as a tiny break from the project, I invite you all to join me starting July 28th in my Twilight Saga reading to prepare for the August 2nd release of the final book Breaking Dawn. If you have not read these books I encourage you to click to the left and order them NOW!!!!!! You will not be sorry. It is time for you all to know Edward Cullen.

Hey, I don't see you ordering! Do it!

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Leslie said...

The only reason i joined is because of the lax rules(i fell asleep WATCHING HP, i could never read it). And to be put to shame by academics. Seriously, i can't think of one original thing to say about the road that you haven't. Booooo! I do like that this thing is making me find time to read.