Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Swede

I finally began the next novel on the list--American Pastoral. I aim to finish a chapter a night, but as I am just embarking on this literary journey, it is taking a me time to get involved in the story. So far there are several things I cannot relate to: the time period, Jewish life, baseball, and being a boy. And I am only about 5 pages into it. Hopefully I shall garner some insight into all of these things as I become more interested in the plot and characters.

In the meantime, since I have no pastoral scenes nearby to capture with my camera, I will leave you with some pictures I took from my garden. It's as pastoral as I can get, sadly. At least it is verdant.This little guy was about 2 inches long, head to tail.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Holiday

Seeing as we are always striving for creativity here in the Herko house...
Daisy has invented a new holiday

Take your kitty to work day! I guess she feel like I don't need to carry my computer in this bag any more ^..^

Monday, September 22, 2008

American Pastoral...

I went to the library and checked my copy of American Pastoralby Philip Roth. So enough with hurricanes, vampires, and such, let's get back to the project. For inspiration I am heading to a field to read.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I apologize for my absence, sister, but after you gave Gustav such a thorough tongue lashing, he sent his brother Ike over to avenge him. Luckily, in typical male fashion, Ike got lost along the way and refused to stop for directions while visiting Cuba. Jan, I hope Texas will forgive you.

Meanwhile, on the reading front, I've been remiss in going anywhere to find the next book on The List, American Pastoral. I am hoping to make it to the library next week to proceed with the New Classics challenge. Until then, I'll leave you with some pictures of some new friends we made while hanging outside after Gustav.I had to buy another hummingbird feeder--I've counted eight out there at one time.Our red tailed hawk, keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Friday, September 12, 2008

*bring bring*

It is the blog calling. Update me please!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guest Starring...

I am pleased (as you can see by the dorky smile, boy web cams make you look weird) to welcome our friend BatMan back to the blog.
J:Welcome BatMan
BM: Welcome?!? Ha as if you can call it a welcome, you are holding me hostage. People don't let the smile fool you. She is a maniac.
J: Well...umm. I have no idea what the little bat is talking about.
BM: I have proof that I am being tortured. As they say in TV...Let's go to the video (Side Note: Agents if you are interested in representing me contact me at BatManRocks@fakeemail.com)

J: BatMan, I can't believe it. Daisy just was trying to have fun! Enough with these false accusations. I thought we agreed that while you were guest blogging you would do some book reviews. I bet Nancy would like that. To be honest with you, I think she might be losing interest in you. You are not the only one with evidence. Evidence please...

Yes I do believe that is Nancy with none other than Brett Favre. And look!!! She is trying to keep it a secret. Now BatMan I believe you were saying...

BM: Err yes...While I have been trapped in this evil den of torture, my princess Nancy Pearl, has been encouraging me to do some reading. Man, her glasses are so hot! But I digress. I just want to say in this prison they seem to only stock girlie books, so please don't think the Bat is not a Man. I am BatMan after all.

I began my reading with Dear JuliaI thought perhaps I could learn a few things about writing letters to the goddess Nancy Pearl. As it turns out this a book about a dorky girl writing letters to Julia Child and friendship among misfits. So I thought I might at least be able to learn about French cooking to impress the empress of libraries. In the end this book left me confused as Julia Child shows up at a cooking contest and according to my bat skills (and wikipeida) she died in 2004 and the book is set in the present day. On my Bat rating scale I give it 1 1/2 POWS!

I decided that the next book I was going to read needed to be a bit more masculine so I found Blisson the shelf. This was much better. Bliss is the story of a daughter of hippies moving in with her wealthy grandmother to attended a fancy private school. A story of high school stalking and suicide is set against the backdrop of the Manson murders/trial. The only complaint I had about this book was that it took me awhile to figure out the book was actually set in 1969. Not a bad read although the ending was a bit weak. On my Bat rating scale - 3 ZOWS!

The final book in my guest review blog follows the saying, "Save the best for last!" In my quest to locate my twin brother, I picked up Identicalby Ellen Hopkins. My ray of sunshine, told me that her books in verse were amazing. Boy was she right. This book was fantastic. It had a Bat twist I never saw coming. While the fascist, dictator that is holding me hostage, prefers her books Crankand GlassI enjoyed this one quite a bit. On my Bat rating scale - 4 1/2 SAZAMS!
BM: Are you happy now oh evil captor?
J: Yes BatMan. Thank you for your insight. Why don't you use your BatSkills to return electricity to Jenny so she can get back on-line?!?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If Gustav Calls...

Since Jen is in the dark (see photo) I am all alone in cyberspace. I find it a bit lonely. I decided to turn to an older form of communication...the phone. A transcript:
J: "Hello?"
G: Sound of the wind blowing
J: "Who is this?"
G: Sound of the rain falling
J: "Is this Gustav?"
G: Sound of sign shaking in the wind
J: "Listen jerk-off stop blowing around and leave my sister alone! This is premiere week on the CW and I have no one to talk too."
G: Sound of wind, rain, and signs
J: "I mean it. I am going to call the Chinese and ask for some of those cloud dispersing missiles if you don't get your butt into Arkansas!"
G: more howling
J: slams the phone down! Looking up number for Entergy....

Hurry back sister! I am getting bored and corny.
Programing Note: Since this is a 2 person blog with one person with electricity. The part of Jenny will be played by a special guest tomorrow. In the mean time COMMENT, I am lonely. I think you can tell :)