Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If Gustav Calls...

Since Jen is in the dark (see photo) I am all alone in cyberspace. I find it a bit lonely. I decided to turn to an older form of communication...the phone. A transcript:
J: "Hello?"
G: Sound of the wind blowing
J: "Who is this?"
G: Sound of the rain falling
J: "Is this Gustav?"
G: Sound of sign shaking in the wind
J: "Listen jerk-off stop blowing around and leave my sister alone! This is premiere week on the CW and I have no one to talk too."
G: Sound of wind, rain, and signs
J: "I mean it. I am going to call the Chinese and ask for some of those cloud dispersing missiles if you don't get your butt into Arkansas!"
G: more howling
J: slams the phone down! Looking up number for Entergy....

Hurry back sister! I am getting bored and corny.
Programing Note: Since this is a 2 person blog with one person with electricity. The part of Jenny will be played by a special guest tomorrow. In the mean time COMMENT, I am lonely. I think you can tell :)


Babsy said...

Oh...I want to guest blog!

mimi said...

Since Gustav could be described as a "blowhard", perhaps we could encourage him to head for all media news people (major networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, PMSNBC, CNN, etc.) and blow them all away.
What a wonderful world there would be....Just thinking about it makes me all gushy inside :)

Tiff said...

Oh, Mimi, you're so punny!
Did you say "PMSNC" on purpose? That's pretty funny :)
I get that gushy feeling, too. Usually after drinking too much water.

Jen said...

How on earth did you get that pic of me?!?

Jana said...

Sister, how you forget my secret id. I am a ninja after all.