Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Things I would rather do besides read The Liars' Club:

Play a board game (if you know me, you'll realize that this is a big deal)
Clean the floors: On my hands and knees
Scrub toilets
Scoop litter
Watch paint dry
Mow the lawn--with tweezers

Yes, folks, I would just about rather do anything than read this book. To be fair it isn't all that bad. It is interesting, and there are definitely moments of intrigue. Still I can't stand the author, even as a little kid. I want to throttle her. I fear having a child like her.

But I will prevail. I will not give up! Semper Fi! (for this one, anyhow)

Anyone reading The Road right now? I miss it. Yes, it is that bad.


Babsy said...

I love trying to guess who is blogging before looking at the author...board games gave you away. 2nd sentence...not even a challenge.

Tiff said...

That sounds pretty, um, dreadful.
Meanwhile, I went to the Public Library (I continue to brag on this fact). I checked-out "The Life of Pi" and "S is for Silence" (Thanks, Barbara)
"The Life of Pi" may be out of my comfort zone of reading... we shall see.

Jana said...

Oh how I miss The Road as well. I have no empathy for Mary. I did go back to reading this morning on the train and was slightly interested in the hurricane. I need to finish this up though because I got a big shipment from B&N yesterday. Ah how I love Amtrak reward points. Traveling for work = free books :)

Jana said...

Life of Pi is very good book. I think you will like it.

Jen said...

B--I would hope that the fact I always write in green would give it away as well.

Leslie said...

HA! I neer noticed the green. I think i knew this, but why in the world would you not like board games??? Is TJ a sore winner or something.

Leslie said...

Oh, and yep, still on the road...i've stalled, but hope to pick it up tomorrow. It wasn't quite a "beach read."

Latharia said...

I have read (or tried to read) books like that! :D