Friday, July 11, 2008

The Liars' Club

I am plodding my way through this book. I just can't seem to get interested yet. I actually look ahead to see how many more pages I have until the end of a chapter--not a good sign. I really don't want to utilize the 80 page rule on the second book I read for the project. In order to get excited and inspired, I decided to ponder the title: The Liars' Club. Any other Liars' Clubs I could find?

Politicians:The Rosenburgs:
Tabloids:Milli Vanilli:
An interesting and varied list, I find. Maybe the book will get better. We shall see!


Melanie said...

Well...Milli Vanilli may be part of the liar's club, but THEY WERE AWESOME!

Jana said...

This is why I love you :_

Melanie said...

He he he!

"Girl you know it's true...ewww...ewww...ewww...I love you!"

Come on! You know you want to sing along!

Melanie said...

Oh yeah....I love you too...Ja-nae-nae!