Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I google, therefore, I am...

A tiny experiment. I have just googled "most searched words on google." I will now attempt to write a series of blog entries using the 500 most searched words. After reviewing the list I will not be including duplicates such as and So I will probably be using 483 terms :) Yes I am procrastinating from the real writing I should be doing...

Yahoo! I just checked my hotmail account and I have been asked to write the lyrics for the next Diet Coke commerical. I love It is far superior to I see that I have also received a few jokes from my dad. As, well as an update on my my recent ebay bid. Yes, I really do need a hello kitty toaster. I wonder how much it will cost to ship it from Japan, I better check my maps.

Now that I have my correspondence out of the way for the day. I shall spend a few moments playing my games of Text Twirl on Facebook. Afterwards I may search for some new warez, boy I really miss all of the songs I used to get from Napster.
Disclaimer: FBI people or whoever you are that monitor the inter net. I do not participate in illegal file sharing or pirating. I am just writing an amusing blog entry (I hope) using search terms. In fact I had to google warez. Please don't come after me.

I guess I will need a dictionary for my next task since i have no idea what snes roms are. Thank goodness for search engines.

I wish I could be doing all of this hard work from my veranda office since the weather is so lovely, but alas I took one of our autos to the train station and came into the office. I was pretty distraught this morning as I had to walk to work without music because my ipod battery died. But I made it and started to work by searching for some clip art for some of my jobs. While i was looking I found a really great new hello kitty wallpaper for my desktop. Luckily I stayed away from thumbzilla. (I had to google that one too. 25 words and terms before the first porn reference)

I took a quick break to chat with some co-workers to discuss whether or not I have a future writing greeting card poems. Ironically I just saw an episode of Kate and Allie about a chick named Haven who wrote greeting cards.

My day is just winziping by... I guess I better take a break and review some recipes so I can figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I don't feel like having hot dogs or traveling to the store. I need to make sure that we eat something that is good for our health. Perhaps I should call Britney Spears to ask for a suggestion. She always gives me such great tips for the movies. I guess I would probably be better of asking jeeves.

I just got interrupted so that I could look at some pictures and think of some baby names. I suggested not naming the baby after flowers. I managed to get out of that conversation just in time. Now it is back to work with some Survivor songs to keep me motivated.

That makes me wonder if they are still together as a band. I wonder if they would play a party. Let me see if they are listed in the yellow pages so I can get some quotes on what it would cost. I am thinking it would be sublime directory if they played a party where we could all wear prom dresses. I better check my horoscope to see it it is a good time for me to have a party. I also need to check on southwest airline tickets and used cars to see if Jen can make it to the party. Just so you know there will be NO marijuana at the party, although there may be some anime.

If I am going to be looking for a car for Jen I better get my copy of kelly blue book. I want to make sure that she can get a car in the proper zip code so she can use a map to bring Bronwen to come visit me. There better be no spanking of backgrounds cracks.

I am off to look for some hair styles in chat rooms so I can look like Jennifer Lopez for the party...

ps. search terms appear in purple :)


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