Saturday, June 28, 2008

Free My BatBrother

BatMan here... I have taken over this blog to tell you a very tragic story and to make my demands!

I have recently found myself transported to this lowly human's home via this strange box. I apologize for the photo quality my BatCamera was covered with dust.

While the human wasn't looking I seized her girly pink computer to check my BatMail when I was shocked to see the following photo:

How is this possible. I was not in front of this tall ceramic structure. There was only one possible answer....
My twin brother had been kidnapped!!!

So I quickly penned an email demanding the release of my brother. I am including a copy of the email here:

Dear Holder of my twin brother,
I have taken over the house at 1103 Grant Ave. Please return my brother to this address. I am sending two pictures. One to prove you have my brother and one to prove to you the great weapon I have to defend against you if I don't receive my brother.
You better heed my warning!


Photo of my great weapon

I am now awaiting a reply. If I don't see my brother soon. I will continue to take over this blog!
Free My BatBrother!!!


mimi said...

OK George. The secret is out - that's not your twin, but your stunt double. By the way, your secret weapon is sleeping. But wait, could it be the pink computer operator is really being held by you and that's why she isn't answering my messages??!!!!??
If there's a ransom for her, I'll NOT pay!

Tiff said...

Sorry, but I'm afraid the tiny, cute girl in LA has George, and the girl with the pink computer has Michael K. UNFORTUNATELY, we have yet to find Val K. Although, I have a sneaking suspision that he is in Charlotte, NC somewhere, being held hostage by 2 of my nephews (or buried in their backyard)... *G*